Friday, October 29, 2010

Cephalic Impurity - Unique Brute Revival (Soulflesh Collector Records; 2010)

Before I start the review I want to complain a little about the lack of variety of names in slam. Does every band name have to  start with either Human, Cephalic or Cerebral? You might say to me: "Nick, this is the only band in your library that starts with Cephalic!" and you would be right. I think I'm just cranky because this band used to be called Infected Guts which I think is a much cooler.

Who are Cephalic Impurity then? They are from the Russian city of Izhevsk which is a couple hundred miles east of Moscow, the home of the famous Russian bands Abominable Putridity and Katalepsy. This is their second full length under this name, although I haven't listened to them since their Infected Guts days. 

During those days they sounded raw, simple, and dirty. I expected that they would coalesce into playing the primitive grooves and achingly deep slams that the Moscow slam scene seemed to produce. But because of geography, member changes, or just a will to be different, Cephalic Impurity have produced something pretty unique and interesting. The band name may be as generic as they come but the album title is accurate. This album is unique and does manage to build the aura of brutality that is so necessary to make this kind of music feel right. It doesn't feel violent or psychotic, it feels like entering a mean, cruel, and harsh world. I also really dig the cover art.

Cephalic Impurity achieve this by juxtaposing intricate (but not tech-death) riffing with grooving slam. You can tell from the grooves that they are Russian and they certainly please the lowbrow slam guy within me. I think it's the riffing though that works the best on this album. It's interesting while avoiding mind-numbing technicality. If you tend to go for good non-slam riffing in brutal death (think Septycal Gorge, Inveracity, or Hour of Penance), then I could see you really liking this.

I have to point out though that the production is awful. It is not awful in the harsh unlistenable/awesome way that Colombian slam production is awful. It just has zero bass. I did an experiment where I played Cephalic Impurity and then I played Abominable Putridity and the difference was obvious. There was even a bass drop (that "WUMP" thing) on this album and it didn't really sound like anything. I may be exaggerating here but that's because I'm disappointed that a good album was turned into an okay album because of the production.

Despite my reservations, I'll recommend this one, if only because a band with such a generic name produced such an interesting and unique work.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goregiastic Records Acquired by Sevared Records

Goregiastic Records, a small but quality label has been bought by Sevared Records. It's fun to imagine this as two major record labels merging, but it sounds more like Goregiastic's inventory is going to over Sevared. They're both one man operations and it seems like Andres, the owner of Goregiastic, no longer wishes to run a label. I'm just going by what it says online but ff that's the case then I'm glad things have moved to Sevared. Barrett has always been dedicated and professional. Goregiastic released some good stuff (Infernal Revulsion - Devastate Under Hallucination comes to mind) and will be missed, but if you're going to leave the scene, this is the way to do it. Here's the official statement from Goregiastic's website.

We are very excited to announce that Goregiastic Records has been acquired by Sevared Records! Yes, we will be a key part of Sevared Records, spearheading their drive to be the leader in nowadays' extreme death metal scene!.
As most of you have may guessed, there won't be any changes in the Goregiastic Records Online Shopping experience as a result of the acquisition. Customers will still be able to browse our own/distributed titles, get FREE and cheap shipping (US & overseas customers), buy 3 CD's & get 1 FREE, among other great benefits, all directly from the Sevared Records Online Store!. We look forward to seeing all our loyal, long-time customers ordering from the Sevared Records site and enjoying all the great privileges and advantages received from Goregiastic Records during the past 8-9 years!.
Needless to say, we are excited to join a label like Sevared Records that has supported and innovated on behalf of the extreme, brutal death metal scene for over a decade and is a pioneer in the current underground movement. Like Sevared Records, we believe there is a lot of potential ahead for extreme, brutal underground music and we could not think of a better label to be acquired by during this exciting time!.
Here's an official statement by Barrett, current President/Owner of Sevared Records on this exciting acquisition:
"I'm very sad and happy, that I have acquired Goregiastic Records!!  My Metal brother Andres has given this gift to me and all of Goregiastic's customer's have my word that I will do the same if not better customer service (nothing against Andres)!!!   All orders will be shipped out within 24 hours (except on weekends) customer service will be swift, all orders in the USA will still have FREE shipping, and overseas orders will have cheap shipping!  I will do all my new (hopefully) Goregiastic customers the quickness and reliability that Goregiastic Records gave you over the years, and I can't thank Andres enough and Goregiastic Records for being my Brother in Arms, Good luck to you bro, and to all the Goregiastic customers, you will not be disappointed!!!   I'll miss you bro!!  Barrett / Sevared Records!!”.
We encourage our loyal (both new and old) customers to lay their trust in the hands of Sevared Records from now on and be an active part of what will surely become the definitive leader in extreme, brutal death metal for years to come!.
Within the next 24-48 hours, the Goregiastic Records site will be automatically re-directed to Sevared Records' so every time you your browser will automatically re-direct you to so you can start your online shopping experience with no hassles!
Last but not least, we can't thank enough our family, friends, customers and of course Barrett from Sevared Records for the continuous support and friendship throughout these awesome 8-9 years of hard-work, if it wasn't for you, Goregiastic Records would have never been what it is today and what will become from now on. Eternal thanks to you all.
All the best,

Andres Garcia / GOREGIASTIC RECORDS President/General Manager