Sunday, August 24, 2008

Begging for Incest new CD

Begging for Incest (great name) are a relatively new slam band from Cologne, Germany. They now have a new EP out on Pathologically Explicit Records called Awaiting the Fist. I've heard this band's name thrown around before but I'd never checked them out until now. The first thing that struck me was that the songs off Awaiting the Fist have fabulous production. They sound huge and heavy and I'm listening on myspace, a notorious destroyer of sound quality. This complements Begging for Incest's penchant for static, hardcore-esque breakdowns.

Their are a few things I think could be improved, although I'd like to again mention that this is from a myspace listen, not from the actual CD. The vocalist is decent for the most part, but a couple of times does some pretty bad squeals. Also the songs don't have very good flow and left me feeling that I just heard three good breakdowns instead of one good song. Check them out and if you like them buy their EP. At the very least Begging for Incest is a band to keep an eye for a future full length.

Begging for Incest @ Myspace

Monday, August 18, 2008

Devourment, Malignancy + others @ Police Athletic League in Fall River, MA

Parking was tough to find at first. Every street was a one way. It seemed like the show would be poorly attended. However, when my buddy Dan and I got there we hung out with Malignancy's drummer Mike for a while, got some food to eat and eventually went in to check out Devourment merch and hang out until the show started.

People eventually began coming in droves and it ended up being pretty decently attended for a small show at a police gymnasium style place. Goreality opened the show. Their debut was completely unimpressive brutal death to me; it had slams, but not good enough ones, and never in good places. The vocals were also really boring and one-dimensional. Live, they were better (and their guitarist looks exactly like fucking Dimebag!) to my ears so that was good. The vocalist was still weak and didn't have too much of a presence. Regardless, they put in a solid set so it worked overall.

Dysentery was up next and this is where the show got a little ridiculous. Dysentery have always been second-rate Devourment worship, not quite reaching the mastered precision of Abominable Putridity or even Cephalotripsy and with more than a bit of the dreaded "wigger"-ness that pervades slam death (Soils Of Fate pull it off correctly, though). Their slams were good live and got the crowd responding--but in one of the worst ways...karate-kicking and really brainless slam-dancing. I have come to expect this obviously, at these kind of shows, but it's still possibly the stupidest fucking thing ever. Anyway, Dysentery were also better live than on album, but their songs really are stupidly predictable and over-the-top. The vocalist was also sort of a dick, pushing my friend against the wall for no reason later in the show. That's just not fucking cool.

On to Austrian wackos Distorted Impalement who randomly played this show. DI are a weird and really inconsistent band jumping from traditional styled death metal to wanktastic tech death and inordinate slamming at seemingly random times. Their sound was unfortunately lacking live, though what I've heard of their studio work on their Myspace has been pretty good. Their vocalist was fun as hell and had a great fucking accent. It was also funny to hear people make Terminator/Arnold references before their set. I was impressed that they came all the way to the US for one or two shows (dunno how long they'd been on tour with these guys or what they were doing here).

Malignancy set up in the gap between bands and Danny made us all move forwards to "make them feel weird" as they played. In true New York style, he made fun of the audience throughout the set (posing with his back towards the rest of the band and standing stoically like so many confused/half-intrigued watchers, checking his phone as one other guy was doing) and was actually very comedian-like in disposition, which definitely belied his INSANELY ferocious vocals live. Mike, the drummer, was absolutely on top of his game live, and I'm not just saying that because he was the coolest guy we met at the entire show, but he really fucking was spot-on for every hit. Ron was an absolutely mind-blowing fret-mangler to witness live, also; his fingers whirling up and down his guitar like a madman with unbroken focus on his task at hand. Lance was missing for a great part of the set, having been caught in traffic...but when he got there the sound got thicker and more intense. He harmonized perfectly with Ron, and it was really a sight to see these guys kick total ass live. So much fucking energy and so much technical confusion. Also, they took my request for "Vaginal Incisors", which was awesome as fuck.

And then...the moment we had all been waiting for. DEVOURMENT! I cannot explain in fucking words how amazingly good these guys are live. Cpt. Piss (who was interviewed for this very blog and whom I met earlier before the show and introduced myself to) donned his horse-head and they proceeded to slam through absolute classics including "Postmortal Coprophagia" (pound for pound my absolute favorite song by them), "Choking On Bile" and "Shroud Of Encryption" and a few off Butcher The Weak including the title track and "Serial Cocksucker" (dedicated by Mike to all the women in the crowd!...what a sweetheart). The best parts, however, were the NEW FUCKING SONG (!!!!!!!...the title of which I missed because Mike's speaking voice was kind of hard to understand due to a couple factors; note to readers: the new album will fucking rule, the new song began with an almost-normal/non-slam riff and had greater vocal/drum interplay than usual for them) and the closing (obligatory) "Babykiller" (which they played in the sort-of-original style w/ no blasting intro, which is actually the better one in my opinion...though Mike of course killed it live with his excellent, sick vocals which were a great testament to the original version's vocals by our lost brother in brutality, Wayne). Anyway...for Devourment's first show in New England, it was epic and al-fucking-mighty. If you missed this (like Nick did...sorry man), I feel bad for you. My neck hurts like hell.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blaze Inside - Pure Potenciality - 2008 - Dan's Crypt

Straight out of Dan's Crypt, Blaze Inside is the newest band to blaze (sorry) onto the scene from Colombia. I first heard of this band from Sevared Record's Open Wound Comp and Pure Potenciality is distributed in North America by Sevared so it should be easily available for most readers.

But should you get it? Yes, absolutely. Go now, this is a surefire member of the top albums of the year and there's still four months left.

Now that you've ordered it, here's what you're going hear from Blaze Inside (great name). Super fast riffing that stays constantly brutal, but with little bits of epicness. It's unique but you can tell they're Colombian. It's reminiscent of Amputated Genitals and Ancient Necropsy but at the speed or faster than Internal Suffering. This mixture is very satisfying to both the gut, with intense speed and pounding slams, and the brain, with labyrinthine melodic passages that keep the songs interesting without sacrificing anything. This album does not have a dull moment on it. The constant dynamism mixed with the unrelenting brutality and speed left me both thrilled and exhausted.

Another amazing part about this album is that Blaze Inside, despite being from Colombia, use guttural vocals. They about as good as your average TXDM band. Think Aversion to Life or Insidious Decrepancy. Don't worry, they don't buck too many stereotypes. The drum sound is quite loud and pingy.

Another album from Colombia, another absolute crusher. The South American nation's reputation as a brutal paradise continues to grow. If you buy one release from the summer, make it this.