Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blasphemer - Devouring Deception (Comatose Music; 2010)

Unfortunately for Blasphemer fans (myself included), Devouring Deception is a not a new full length follow up to their excellent debut On the Inexistence of God. Rather it is an EP consisting of three original songs, one Broken Hope cover, and a remastered version of the song "Cloaca of Iniquity" off their first album. This review will primarily be about the three original songs, although the cover and the remaster are good.

Blasphemer fit in very well with an Italian scene that has emerged as one of, if not the best brutal death metal scene in Europe. Along with Blasphemer there is Putridity, Septycal Gorge, Hour of Penance, Vomit the Soul, and many others. On their first album, Blasphemer took a blasting, technical approach and On the Inexistence of God does what every good tech/brutal album should and completely shreds with a lightning fast assault. They don't forget to slow it down and slam every now and then either. Devouring Deception thankfully does not mess with success too much, and the new songs are definitely within the realm of tech/brutal. If you haven't heard Blasphemer before, I would compare them to Defeated Sanity, or their countrymen Hour of Penance.

There are some changes from On the Inexistence of God. Blasphemer have gone for a more smooth, holistic approach. To use some brootal similes, On the Inexistence of God is like quick, surgical precision strikes. It is fast, and sharp. Devouring Deception is like a mechanical monster. It is crushing and huge. Both are complex and skilled, but Devouring Deception feels bigger.

I can't really say that Devouring Deception is better than On the Inexistence of God because it is only and EP. However, if Blasphemer can write seven more songs like the ones found Devouring Deception, I would love that full length. Blasphemer remain one of the premier Italian brutal bands.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Abominable Putridity announce rather ridiculous new (vocal) lineup

So, apparently Abominable Putridity, everyone's favorite Russian slammers, were either trolling the slam scene or were just confused and seeking direction when they announced that Cameron "Big Chocolate" Argon would be the new vocalist for the band some time last year. This disappointed more people than I can even count at this time, and the rumors kept being confirmed with various pictorial evidence posted by the band themselves on and the official forums. It seemed likely that, indeed, a *gasp* deathcore vocalist masquerading as a "slam/brutal death metal" vocalist by doing boring, one-dimensional exhales, usually unhelpfully backed by a completely equally boring, equally one-dimensional group of other instrument-players, would become the vocalist of the spearheads of Russia's hallowed slam scene. As you can tell, this would rightfully anger quite a few people.

BUT, there has been good news announced quite recently. Here's a quote posted by Sergey of AP on their official forums.

We are going to make 2 song promos when we will have it professionally mixed and mastered in USA...So be patient... i promise that all you guys will like this album, we spend about half of year to record it and make songs powerfull and tight as hell, and this material is waaaayy different from the first one, as for vocals Matti leads on all tracks, other guys making back vocals on 4 tracks (2 songs with Corey, 1 with Aj and 1 with Angel), album will have 8 tracks total..."

Anyway, since you're probably shitting yourself in excitement right now, here's a picture for some more pictorial evidence. This time it's actually exciting, we promise.

From L to R, that's Angel Ochoa (Condemned, Cephalotripsy), Matti Way (of Pathology, Cinerary, Liturgy and Disgorge fame), AJ Magana (Defeated Sanity, ex-Disgorge, Deprecated) and Corey Athos (Flesh Consumed).

holy shitting fuck.

that is all.