Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gortuary - Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation - 2008 - Sevared Records

Barrett's at it again. Here's another slab of brutal as fuck death metal, this time from a Cali-slam band by the name of Gortuary. Formed a paltry year (+ a few months) ago, these guys have clearly demonstrated their worth, enough to make a label like Sevared snap them up for a great new release!

Right off the bat, the obligatory sample, this time a serial killer talking about the look in his victims' eyes as the knife penetrates their flesh...really evocative stuff, but then you're blasted with intensely fast slamming, twisting and turning with everchanging precision and technicality. Stylistically, this sounds Italian almost, with some sections being made up of pinch harmonics a-la Putridity, but the band is clearly American with their California-style technical melodic flourishes and random lead solo bits. A few of these could be seen as nods to Ancient Necropsy, particularly on his first album where he would stop in the middle of songs to randomly do a tapped lead or something else. It just sets the stuff apart.

The second song has a full solo over a chunky, odd-rhythm chord and just goes into wacky epileptic wankery (in a good sense) after the first well-composed seconds. It's funny, because that kind of stuff even reminds me of what the sample spoke of initially; a killer plans out his whole night, gets to that moment of murder, and just goes nuts with an intense mania and adrenaline rush. Very tight stuff there, A+ for originality, and even a well-deserved reference to the crazy solo styles of Necrotic Disgorgement's own Tony Tipton (and sometimes Ben Deskins!)

But enough about solos and the like, you want to hear about the meat-and-potatoes, the slamming breakdowns and utterly devastating groovy downtuned sludge that makes up this genre we worship at the altar of. The more I listen to it, the more I get the feeling that these guys really really like Necrotic Disgorgement, but the funny thing about ND is that there are no big slam breakdowns on Suffocated in Shrinkwrap that stand out to me, but I fucking love that album. As such, this might not be the Down From The Wound or Abominable Putridity kind of slam with ultra-chunky slam rhythms at sluggish paces, etc., but it's a solid slab of modern California-meets-TXDM-meets-originality brutal death metal, and it should be very easy to get since Barrett's got more than a few on hand. Snatch this one, ladies and gents!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ancient Necropsy Rehearsal Video

Here's a video of Ivan from Ancient Necropsy playing the drums for the unreleased song "Altar of Fire". Sounds awesome

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Septycal Gorge, Fetal Mutilation tracks!

Italian slammers Septycal Gorge have a new song out entitled "Psychotic Redemption." The song sounds really fucking professional and well-done, with the trademark SG riffing and slamming. The vocal approach is equally impressive, featuring the no-holds-barred gutturals of vocalist Mariano. I would have to say that some of the dual-guitar work is really great too! Overall, a little more technical, but nothing at all bad...excellent job.

Meanwhile, over in that hotbed of slam, the Philippines...things are brewing as Fetal Mutilation ALMOST slipped under the radar with their new song "Kill Abegail Virus", an EPIC nearly 5 minute journey of excellent rhythmic transitioning and the band's uniquely complex slamming style. With almost subtly melodic and colorful riff/drum interplay, this band threatens to kill you at every corner with rabid, brutal vocals and shifting changes, and this song is no different. Even features an S-M coined "funeral slam" breakdown towards the end culminating in...well, just go listen to it. If you like slam and you like it raw and dirty, you'll dig this new one.

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ChokingOnBile Demo Reviews

Here are two demo reviews straight from the underground, this time from France. ChokingOnBile (briefly called Bowling For Columbine) have two demos to date, Disgruntled from 2004 (the same songs are on an 05 split) and Bowling For Columbine which came out this year. I'll work my way chronologically through these.

Disgruntled is actually a fairly mature sounding release, considering it's a first demo and the songs are called "Growls", "Grunts", and "Screams". The sound is somewhere between the Californian and Texan styles. Deeds of Flesh-esque tremelo riffs trade off with rather typical grooves to produce a varied and decently enjoyable listening experience. You can get a better version of this from Human Filleted, but this is a demo after all. Overall a decent offering and above the typical myspace slam line (like the Mendoza Line but for slam bands). One thing I really didn't like about this was the samples. They were pretty retarded and took away from the whole experience. I don't mind humorous samples on principle, but they usually work better for bands like Torsofuck or Cumbeast who are actually established as good bands.

Bowling For Columbine is a recent release and shows a slightly different move for the band. The tremolo riffs are still there but the emphasis is more on the groovier side of things. I think for this demo the band took a little more time on riff writing and it shows. There are some legitimately good and memorable riffs here. A few times I felt that the riffs were disjointed, but the individual riffs were very good. If ChokingOnBile can keep the riff writing skills they showcase here and further hone their songwriting skills, I can see some sick stuff coming from this band. One more thing I liked from this demo is the weird fuzzed out production. I might not like it on a full album, but it was cool here.

Overall I think this band could do something good in the future. There are better prospects out there to be sure (MP5k!!!!!!) but this is decent stuff. Worth a listen.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Sevared Releases

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. It's nearing the end of our school years and assignments/exams/laziness has been getting in the way. I just got this email from Sevared talking about all their new releases so I thought I'd post it up.


SR-053) GORTUARY- Manic Thoughts Of Perverse Mutilation CD OUT NOW!!!

(SR-056) LACERATED DOMINION- Exterminate The Weaks CD OUT NOW!!! Only 200 copies!!

(SR-057) GORTUARY- Splatter Fecal Matter CD OUT NOW!!! Only 200 Copies!!!

(SR-051) SUFFERATORY- Pseudophilosophic MCD Brand New Material w/ Bonus Video!!!! OUT NOW!!!


VIRAL LOAD- Deepwoods Debauchery T-SHIRTS OUT NOW!!


DERANGED- A Razorblade Symphony.. Sevared Rec. EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRT OUT NOW!!


(SR-055) SEVARED RECORDS- Open Wounds Comp. 2008 OUT NOW!

GOREINHALED- The Art Of Sickness OUT NOW!!