Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Septycal Gorge, Fetal Mutilation tracks!

Italian slammers Septycal Gorge have a new song out entitled "Psychotic Redemption." The song sounds really fucking professional and well-done, with the trademark SG riffing and slamming. The vocal approach is equally impressive, featuring the no-holds-barred gutturals of vocalist Mariano. I would have to say that some of the dual-guitar work is really great too! Overall, a little more technical, but nothing at all bad...excellent job.

Meanwhile, over in that hotbed of slam, the Philippines...things are brewing as Fetal Mutilation ALMOST slipped under the radar with their new song "Kill Abegail Virus", an EPIC nearly 5 minute journey of excellent rhythmic transitioning and the band's uniquely complex slamming style. With almost subtly melodic and colorful riff/drum interplay, this band threatens to kill you at every corner with rabid, brutal vocals and shifting changes, and this song is no different. Even features an S-M coined "funeral slam" breakdown towards the end culminating in...well, just go listen to it. If you like slam and you like it raw and dirty, you'll dig this new one.

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