Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blaze Inside - Pure Potenciality - 2008 - Dan's Crypt

Straight out of Dan's Crypt, Blaze Inside is the newest band to blaze (sorry) onto the scene from Colombia. I first heard of this band from Sevared Record's Open Wound Comp and Pure Potenciality is distributed in North America by Sevared so it should be easily available for most readers.

But should you get it? Yes, absolutely. Go now, this is a surefire member of the top albums of the year and there's still four months left.

Now that you've ordered it, here's what you're going hear from Blaze Inside (great name). Super fast riffing that stays constantly brutal, but with little bits of epicness. It's unique but you can tell they're Colombian. It's reminiscent of Amputated Genitals and Ancient Necropsy but at the speed or faster than Internal Suffering. This mixture is very satisfying to both the gut, with intense speed and pounding slams, and the brain, with labyrinthine melodic passages that keep the songs interesting without sacrificing anything. This album does not have a dull moment on it. The constant dynamism mixed with the unrelenting brutality and speed left me both thrilled and exhausted.

Another amazing part about this album is that Blaze Inside, despite being from Colombia, use guttural vocals. They about as good as your average TXDM band. Think Aversion to Life or Insidious Decrepancy. Don't worry, they don't buck too many stereotypes. The drum sound is quite loud and pingy.

Another album from Colombia, another absolute crusher. The South American nation's reputation as a brutal paradise continues to grow. If you buy one release from the summer, make it this.

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