Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blasphemer - On the Inexistence of God (Comatose Music; 2008)

At long last the first full length from Italian brutal death metallers Blasphemer is here. I have been anticipating this one for a while. At MDF this year I asked Steve why it was taking so long (I believe the original release date was summer 07) and he told me something about drummer problems. I'm just glad they finally got things squared away because On the Inexistence of God is a pretty damn good album.

The two bands that immediately come to mind when I listen to Blasphemer are Deeds of Flesh and Defeated Sanity. They take the interesting tremelo and melodic riffing and fast "junjuns" from Deeds and furious and pounding riffs from Defeated Sanity. This album is full of whirlwind riffs and fast groovy parts. Adding to the mix is the occasional slow breakdown which is sure to please the slammers among us. It's a very enjoyable mixture that in pieces should be familiar to the brutal death fan, but together should sound fresh.

On the Inexistence of God is also enlivened by a very spirited performance from all involved. Every band member sounds really into it which makes it a fun listen. This is brought out by a clear production that emphasizes the guitars, but gives nice space for the drums, vocals, and bass to play their supporting roles. There's even a couple acoustic interludes (including the Godfather theme!) that give a nice breather between songs.

Bottom line this a very solid and enjoyable listen and was worth the wait. Certainly one of the more professional sounding releases of late. I'm guessing this'll sneak onto my top ten of 2008 (stay tuned) towards the end of the list.

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