Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 of 2009

Here's my list for the best brutal/slam death albums of 2009. Happy new year and stay brutal and sick~!


1. Devourment - Unleash the Carnivore
2. Pathology - Age of Onset
3. Gorepoflesh - Gore Fucking Corpses
4. Awaiting the Autopsy - Couldn't Tell the Bodies Apart
5. Human Rejection - Decrepit to Insanity
6. Septycal Gorge - Erase the Insignificant
7. Amputated Gentials - Family Bloodbath
8. Vomit the Soul - Apostles of Inexpression
9. Decrepidemic - The Void of Un-Existence
10. Pus Vomit - Degrade the Worthless


Anonymous said...

Nice lists guys, very nice indeed. Listen, I need help getting in touch with those sickos in Gorepoflesh. I sent them an email but to no avail, any chance you can help me? If so, can you send a mail to Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Great lists you guys. I agree 100%, the new Devourment album is great! I have found your blog to be a great resource for finding out about new bands! Keep up the good work in 2010!

Nick Adams said...

Thanks guys.

To the first Anonymous: If you haven't sent Gorepoflesh a myspace message you could try that. Andy did this following his review and got a response so hopefully you will to.

Anonymous said...

While I think the list is great. I think the awesomeness that is the tilde bang is going un-noticed. I am a fan of any fellow user of the tilde bang.

Anonymous said...

My band (hr) are in there :)


Prince said...

Hey there sexy, I like Suffocation, Blasphemer, Burzum and Wormed and was just wondering what kind of rap music i should get into?