Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Jasad tracks, a new Inherit Disease track, and also a new Pathology song too!

Jasad, everyone's favorite underachieving Indonesian slam band has two new songs up, neither of which sound particularly underachieving! Which means they've...achieved something good! Pay attention about 1:50 into "Precious Moment to Die"...if you don't immediately headbang to that, you are dead:

Jasad @ Myspace

Really, both prior albums by the band have been underwhelming for various reasons (unmemorable songwriting, really really crap production on Annihilate the Enemy...), but this seems like it'll be really good. Fingers crossed.

Inherit Disease, widely known as being, well, (unfortunately not very good) Cali brutal tech DM have released a new song off their album Visceral Transcendence...it's actually pretty good, but I'm sure a whole album of it will get tiring. Hey, at least the vocalist has stepped up his game and doesn't just sound like a really loud frog. Unfortunate that the drums have to be so overbearing while the riffing is nicely angular and logical...judge for yourself here...

...and here is the teaser track off Pathology's debut for Victory Records...er...yeah, that makes me cringe a bit too. But, fear not, for it actually sounds pretty nice.



GunTheVillain said...

I dont get the hate for Inherit Disease. Theyre fucking badass. Sooo stoked for their upcoming release. Same with Pathology, theyre sick. I havent picked any of the Jasad releases up though. Maybe I should check em out for a try.

Andy Phelps said...

The ID debut is just boring, and the vocalist sucks. Otherwise, it sounds like Cali brutal DM, which as we all know, usually is a major case of "your mileage may vary" ;)

I would recommend the first Jasad album, it's pretty good (and "Ripping the Pregnant" is an awesome song).