Friday, January 7, 2011

Brutal/Slam Death Metal Top 10 2010

I know I'm a little late, but here is my list for 2010's best albums.

1. Defeated Sanity - Chapters of Repugnance
There was no question in my mind that this album would be number one. It has everything that makes brutal death metal great. Musicianship, songwriting, brutality, groove. I can't say enough good things. Defeated Sanity proved themselves this year as one of the best bands currently making music.

2. Goretrade - Mistaken Conception
Another veteran band upping their considerable game on their third album. As I said in my review, Mistaken Conception effortlessly mixes killer Colombian brutal death with old school touches, and create a style all their own. Amazing album.

3. Cenotaph - Putrescent Infectious Rabidity
I finally differ with Andy (slightly) with my pick for the third spot. Cenotaph have long been a favorite of mine, and this is their best full length in recent memory. Another album I reviewed, Putrescent Infectious Rabidity is a roller coaster ride of technical, smashing slams. Listening to this style a lot can leave you jaded to the extremity, but this album destroyed me, and that is exactly what I want.

4. Cerebral Effusion - Impulsive Psychopathic Acts
Back to agreeing with my co-blogger, this album was raw and heavy and truly earned the right to be called brutal. These Spaniards released a steamroller of an album.

5. Hour of Penance - Paradogma
I have long been a fan of the Italian BSDM scene, but I had never listened to Hour of Penance until this album. They had always seemed different somehow than their countrymen. However, where they do not differ is in quality. In terms of sheer scale and dare I say epicness, this album rocks. (review)

6. Vulvectomy - Post-Abortion Slut Fuck
This album came out all the way back in January 2010 and for some reason was not received well by a lot of people. Perhaps it was because Vulvectomy changed up their style, but whatever it was this album was controversial. Regardless, I am a big fan of this album. It lacks the same naive charm that marked their first album, but made up for it by having some seriously groovy slams. Best album title of the year as well. (review)

7. Gortuary - Awakening Pestilent Beings
The most slamming band from California, Gortuary released a very good, but under appreciated album in my opinion. This album had great slams, great vocals, and surprisingly great guitar solos. I like it when bands doing something out of the ordinary while staying true to the genre, so I like this album. (review)

8. Pathology - Legacy of the Ancients
I haven't gotten around to reviewing this yet, but I was impressed by this album. Pathology somehow got signed to Victory Records (home of of a great deal of shitty metalcore), but did not lose any of their edge. I can't say this album blew my mind, but I think that is because Pathology have been so good for so long. I hope they continue to perform at this high level and I hope that being signed to a (relatively) major label does good things for the band.

9. Short Bus Pile Up - Repulsive Display of Human Upholstery
Short Bus Pile Up are simple band, but they are so good at what they do that it's hard not to like them. The slams are standard but the execution and energy are exceptional. I agree with Andy completely when he says that this band has a lot of potential.

10. Gorevent - Worship Paganism
I liked this album a lot, but I have mixed feelings putting it on the top ten list. I have always felt with Gorevent that they were almost, but not quite, in the top tier. After thinking about it though, this is a good album that showcases Gorevent's ability to create ultra-heavy music. (review)

In general I felt that 2010 had a lot of great albums, a lot of flawed albums, and then not much in the middle. This is why I had some mixed feelings towards the end of the list. There just wasn't that totally solid album to round out the list. Still I think there were two legitimate brutal death metal classics released this year, and a couple more that were close to that status. I really can't ask for more than that.

I hope everyone's 2011 has started well. Keep reading, commenting, and listening, and of course STAY BRUTAL!!!!!



zetasimo said...

Guys you should take a listen to the album "Conceived to prevail" by Gory Delivery
Best 2010 album.

Nick Adams said...

I took a listen and it was very good. Not best of the year, but I liked it a lot. Thanks for the recommendation, not sure how I missed it until now.