Saturday, September 15, 2007

Demo/EP Level Slam/Brutal Bands

I've chosen FIVE slam or BDM bands who have released only demos and EPs, who NEED new albums soon. A couple have 'em on the way, but that's moot...these are bands people absolutely must hear...

Hyonblud (China) is first. Their infectious brand of fast-paced hyperblast slam has trained these ears to love the style. It started with a similar band from Japan who we'll discuss later, but these guys have released only a few demos of absolutely awesome catchy slam with no downsides. Everything is perfectly well done, great low vocals with some insane inhales, technical slams and pinch harmonics in the vein of Malignancy and Deeds Of Flesh and just great drumming/rhythm overall. I highly look forward to upcoming works by these brutal fuckers!

Orchidectomy (Canada) are the closest thing to Wormed you will find, but there are several differences from that style. While this is strictly incredibly fast slamming sickness, and the vocals are generally quite similar (the Spanish band's are higher in the mix, but that's a technicality) the riffs this band uses are not as distortion-heavy or focused on unbelievable low end. The slam breakdowns are also much more traditionally paced, in the TXDM style. Some catchy riffs pop out here and there, such as the end of "Celestial Excruciations." This band has an album coming out later this year, and I'm hotly anticipating it.

Woundeep (Japan) are at the absolute forefront of this movement, despite probably being the least consistently active of all of these crazy bastards. They have great depth in terms of lyrics/concepts and varying slam styles. The drumming is also great, well produced and deep on the first demo I've heard (featuring "Color Of Betrayal" and "Deceitful Existence" only) and more fast-paced and triggered (not a bad thing; on the Weapons Of Mass Protection EP). These guys have been saying for years that their album will be out soon, but I don't see it. Assuming they eventually DO come out with the album, it will likely be on of the best slam albums in recent years. Pay heed!

Disconformity (Japan) are another group of Asians (also friends with the previous band, if I remember right) playing massive, psychotic slam death. Their slams are FULL of amazing groove, possibly even surpassing the immensity of Devourment. The vocals are also very varied, even within specific songs, with the guy sometimes going for layered vocals (dual uber-guttural and inhaled, or what have you). The drums are well-produced, and the bass sometimes even plays above the guitar to make things a little more interesting. Great stuff here, hopefully they make it past the EP stage soon...!

Sarcolytic (TX, USA) are, of course, TXDM. They approach fast speeds a lot of the time, in a way similar to the masters of fast/slow technical BDM, Deeds Of Flesh, but they have a lot of time on their hands for Texas-stomp-style breakdowns amongst the tremolo riffs and fast-paced anti-groove sections. I foresee a bright future for this band, considering they are somewhat of a supergroup...members have been/are in other bands such as Images Of Violence, Disgorge, and Sect Of Execration, so I'm assuming you know what to expect by now. Still, incredibly brutal, very well written stuff from these psychopaths. Hails.

'Til next time...

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