Friday, September 28, 2007

Inveracity - Extermination of Millions (Unique Leader; 2007)

I have to admit before I listened to Extermination of Millions I had never heard any Inveracity before. I had heard they were good, if derivative, but I was completely turned off by the terrible cover art of their previous album. However with much encouragement from Andy I decided to get their Unique Leader debut.

This is a superb CD. It has all the hallmarks of a (good) Unique Leader release: professional, well produced, well packaged and nice art. From the very beginning to the very end this album pulses with absolutely epic riffs that really feel heavy and brutal. Check out the beginning of Before the Uncreation, it's huge. The two bands that immediately come to mind while listening are Deeds of Flesh and Kronos. There is the alternation of melody and chugs that Deeds of Flesh use so effectively combined with the larger than life melodies that Kronos uses. This mixes to give us some fabulous and memorable riffs and songs. It makes you feel like you are one of the millions being fucking exterminated.

This is primarily riff oriented Brutal Death, but the drums, bass and vocals are all audible and well done. Vocals are not particularly guttural, just deep powerful roars. The bass is not terribly loud, but gets a few solos to add its input. Drums are what you'd expect but again, well produced and well done. Another things that I like is that the songs never overstay their welcome. Most are under 3 minutes, which allows the riffs to hit you and do maximum damage without getting tiresome.

Seriously, this is a fabulous album. If Infernal Revulsion hadn't released their album this year, Extermination of Millions may have been my number one Brutal Death release of 07. Either way it is a mandatory pickup.

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