Friday, November 2, 2007

MP5K - Swedish True Crime Slam

The deal with these guys is that they feature the talents of Soils Of Fate's drummer, and hooked up with him and the rest of SOF soon after forming. That's something to fucking boast how do they sound? Slam-Minded gives you all the details.

Through acquisition of their demo, Deranged Stockholm Syndrome, I learned that these guys REALLY ARE the second coming of Soils Of Fate (who our blog's first post was about, no less!); totally tight rhythms influenced by early NYDM, some hip-hop influenced sections (just like SOF), the trademark catchy songwriting...they've got it all. Vocals are less guttural, but still powerful vociferations of power which carry the music quite well. Some off-time chugging in the last track (during the "breakdown") really works well with the band's style. I don't hear any solos, but I'm sure they'll add those in eventually. This is also REALLY insanely well produced for a debut EP/demo, so kudos to them for that. SO fucking good...


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