Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Suffocation/Immolation/Skinless Concert Review

As some of you may know a tour chock full of NYDM is heading around North America. I managed to catch them last Saturday when they stopped here in Toronto. Here is my review of the show, including the local openers.

Maniak: This band appeared to be thrash but their bassist never showed and they got about 30 seconds of playing in before their equipment failed. They looked terrible though so I wasn't disapointed.

Heaps of Dead: Heaps of Dead played a decent set of brutal death metal which had bits and pieces taken from all the American scenes. Thankfully not the usual Canadian wankery, these guys dished out some heavy riffs. I think with a little more musical focus and work on songwriting these guys might put something good out.

Horde of Worms: Boring extreme metal that wasn't really death, black or grind. Not much else to say.

Skinless: And the "real" bands begin. As expected Skinless played average metal with great stage presence. The moshing was intense. I was towards the front the whole show and I got pushed around a lot here. They even orchestrated a wall of death which was pretty intense. I could take or leave the music but it was fun live.

Immolation: Another band I've always never really cared about but they put on a professional, crushing show. I have Harnessing Ruin but I thought it was boring. I didn't really know any of the songs but the stuff from the newest and the oldest records sounded the best. The singer also has a funny New York accent and seemed like a very cool guy.

Suffocation: Here's what I had been waiting for. I saw Suffocation Fall 06 (actually my only real life meeting with Andy.) and it was an amazing experience so I was psyched for this. They did not disappoint. They sounded crushing and Frank has a fabulous stage presence. For example after one song the crowd went crazy and when it ended we were all so tired we fell silent. Frank then got all indignant and said "Why is it so quiet? I'm up here singing and going 'what the fuck?' at the crowd going crazy". That got the crowd started again in a hurry.

The set list was almost perfect. No Liege of Inveracity, but all the other classics and some ones rarely heard like Brood of Hatred, Seeds of the Suffering and Misconcieved. They are all incredibly great live songs and they were performed to perfection. I guess I am gushing like a smitten schoolgirl but it was that good. If this tour passes by you just go. You will thank me later.

Another cool thing was that Derek Boyer, Suffocation's bassist, was wearing a Devourment shirt. Closest thing I can get to my two favorite bands in one place.

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