Monday, February 18, 2008

Inhuman Dissiliency/Vomitous - Supreme Engorgement of Exquisite Disembowelment - 2007 - Sevared Records

Here's a nice little split that came out last year showcasing two up and coming young slam bands. I'll start with Inhuman Dissiliency's side. ID is a band I wish I could like more than I do. They play slam the way it's meant to be played: heavy, deep and guttural. In fact this three-piece from Harrisburg, PA have three vocalists doing pretty much every brutal style there is. As a huge fan of guttural vocals I was very pleased with this. It's very clear that the members of this band like their slam death, especially Devourment, as pretty much every slam element is present somewhere in their half of the split. The riffs are crunchy and groovy, and along with the aforementioned vocals, quite a disgustingly brutal atmosphere is created.

Despite all this there are problems. The most obvious is the drum machine, and although I can't blame the band for this, it does hurt the music. ID definitely have a more organic sound with their tri-vocals and guitar tone, and the drums do not really mesh with this. Also it's hard to put my finger on it but for some reason the songs feel disjointed. All the riffs are good but nothing really ends up flowing together. Whereas the best slam death leads you on a natural progression through the different riffs, this is just more like a bunch of riffs placed next to each other without that connection. I really hope Inhuman Dissiliency can fix their problems and release something that really wows me, because I like these guys and think they have the talent to do it.

Vomitous (Swe) is next on the split and they also play your typical Devourment inspired slam. The guitar tone sounds a lot like Molesting the Decapitated and the vocals are very gurgly, just like the great Devourment that every slam band takes influence from. I wouldn't say Vomitous is a Devourment clone (and I love me some Devourment clones), but they're close. There music is pretty lively and catchy, and I like their use of pinch harmonics quite a bit. The drumming is programmed but impressive, and I know it will continue to be because Vomitous have since added young Swedish phenom Fredrik Widigs (Soils of Fate, MP5k among others) behind the kit. Not many surprises, but good for a first release. I can't really say anything negative here. Maybe in the future Vomitous will develop more originality and carve out their own little niche in the brutal scene or they'll continue on their way paying homage to their idols. Either way is okay with me.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: I have recently learned that Fredrik Widigs did not play on this release. The drums are programmed. Well they did a good job because they fooled me. I look forward to hearing Mr. Widig's talents on future Vomitous releases.

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