Monday, June 16, 2008

MDF Review: Defeated Sanity

Sorry about the delay in posting. I've just started work and Andy recently visited his girlfriend (eww gay!) in Maine so we haven't had much of a chance to post. To help correct the problem though I'll post a quick review of one of the better bands to play at MDF, Defeated Sanity. Defeated Sanity are a pretty big name in the brutal death scene, especially after their 07 release of Psalms of the the Moribund. They play one of the better mixes of technicality and what we've termed "fast slam". Their first album sides more with the technicality while Psalms is slammier.

Defeated Sanity played in the early afternoon on Saturday and unfortunately we got there a little late because they were ahead of schedule. We caught most of the show though and it was one hell of an experience. They were immensely heavy and their music was really impressive in the live setting. The slams were very thick and the technical parts were more fun and interesting when you see them played by Wolfgang, who had to be one of the oldest guy at the fest (he still rocked the fuck out!). The bassist also looked badass and played music to match. Most surprisingly was the vocalist who I thought was rather pedestrian on Psalms. In the live setting he spit out some very sick gutturals.

Basically, if I had to sum up my opinion on Defeated Sanity I would say they are great on CD and absolute fantastic live.

Please feel free to comment and if you want request set reviews from any of the MDF bands.


kill.crush.destroy said...

you guys making it out to C.I.M?

Nick Adams said...

No, we just don't have the money or time to do that. The line up looks awesome though.