Sunday, June 29, 2008

Decaying Purity - Phases Of Dimensional Torture - 2008 - Grotesque Productions

After having heard these guys on their Myspace, I knew this would be one of the best albums of 2008 in brutal death metal. Drawing heavy stylistic influences from newer Inveracity, some mid-period Disgorge (California one) in the slammier sections and a heavy helping of Deeds Of Flesh in other parts (epic tremolo riffing and chaotic sections), these guys really know how to write good brutal songs with a side of technicality. However, the techy parts never obscure the totally fucking brutal slamming and downtuned chugging riffs/breakdowns these guys throw out. In "Atrocious Execution" the band is found slamming in a very American style right after an unfocused intro which shows their willingness to experiment with different styles.

One thing I really like about this is that the vocals are extremely solid and the mixing of all the different vocals is very similar to some Italian bands like Vomit The Soul; there are even some dual vocal sections like VTS as well! Though Cenotaph is also from Turkey, these guys sound totally different from that band with some more melody and a less pronounced snare drum. These guys highlight no drums in fact, instead placing large emphasis on clear guitar breaks and catchy riffing, along with the aforementioned vocals (which three of the four members handle!).

Overall, this is excellent and seems like it will even grow on me more in time. With bands like Cenotaph and these guys on their front, Turkey will most likely be gaining more and more force in the international brutal/slam death scene.

And the best part of the album is the T2 sample:
"You just can't go around killing people!!"


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