Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gorevent - Abnormal Exaggeration Released on Macabre Mementos

As the title states Gorevent's first full length Abnormal Exaggeration has been released on Macabre Mementos. Gorevent are from Japan and play decent slam with great vocals (is there a Japanese band with a bad vocalist? They are like the anti-Colombians). I also like the production. It's rawer and thinner sounding than usual, but it works. I'm hesitant to really give this a big thumbs up or down base purely on Myspace listening, but I'm definitely going to pick it up once Comatose gets a hold of it.

Also, does Gorevent mean a vent of/for gore? Or does it mean a Gor[e] Event? Food for thought.

Here's the album cover:

(ed: Both of us are REALLY psyched for this to hit American shores...we'll definitely be featuring a review of it right here!!)

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Short Bus Pile Up said...

Blunt Force Trauma has weak vocals for a Japanese slam band. I'd like to hear them with good sound quality for once and a better vocalist cuz they show promise. But yes the Japs sure got slamming guttural brutality down. The vocalist for Infernal Revulsion is probably one of my favorites of all time.

Short Bus Pile Up