Tuesday, September 30, 2008

News on the Slam Front

Sorry about lack of updates around here. Lots of classes and projects have been keeping us busy, and it's been a little slower than usual in the slam realm. BUT ALL THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!

First off, some new signings you may or may not know about.

Sevared signed Vulvectomy earlier this year, which is great...their debut is some of the funnest slam these ears have heard. The new Corpsefucking Art is now out on Barrett's label also...not a fan, but maybe someone who reads this is or would like to be? Barrett also just signed Animals Killing People, the extremely-awesomely-monikered supergroup starring Wilson of the legendary Purulent. Interested in compilations? Check this demo comp out when it drops: Flesh Impaled, Egemony and Infinite Defilement (new Aussie slam!) CD will drop on Sevared in October. In addition, if you've seen our Open Wounds 2 Comp review, you've heard of Cesspool Of Vermin who are putting out their debut on Sevared in October! So much slam, so little time...and there's more...

Comatose has been quiet for a while, but we noticed Steve put out the new Being Killed with very little publicity recently...you might wanna check this one out as it's likely to be akin to previous BK assaults (which are solid).

Brutal Bands is really, really picking up speed this year with some awesome signings. The first one and closest to a new CD which will rule, is the new Human Mincer, "Degradation Paradox" which, while only being 8 tracks/27 minutes long according to the label, will absolutely proceed to furiously kick everyone's ass according to the samples I've heard. Check out Flask Copper Deglutition and be amazed. The band now features Phlegeton on vocals, and Guillemoth on bass, both of famed Spanish brutal band Wormed. I'm not joking, this is seriously destructive, technical and ridiculously great stuff. Don't fuck with Spain! In addition to HM, BB recently signed Abominable (motherfucking) Putridity for a MULTI-ALBUM deal...dear fucking god, we're all doomed. "In The End Of Human Existence" is a massive, undeniably over-the-top onslaught of pure slamming guttural death metal...and I suspect these new albums will be also.

As if these pieces of news weren't enough, the new Gorevent on Macabre Mementos is currently available at the first two fine outlets above...buy or fucking die! Raw and pummeling Japanese brutal slam for only die-hards of the genre...like everyone reading this, I hope. If not, don't bother reading this because it's not going to help you! Until next installment...stay guttural, stay slamming, etc.

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