Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Italian Scene

It's time for another one of our more popular (I think) segments, regional scene information! This time we turn to the country of Italy. Native land of Julius Caesar, Mussolini and Mario, Italy is also home some really good slam and brutal death metal bands. Here are a few of my favorites.

Septycal Gorge: I've talked a lot about this band before, but I'll just quickly explain why I like them so much. They excel at making slam that is both interesting and memorable. It's not exactly, technical, but it's not simple either. Really great band that everyone should listen to.

Blasphemer: These guys have had an album coming out on Comatose for what seems like forever. The samples though make it seem like it will be well worth. Sounded like very heavy and technical brutal death. I talked to Steve at MDF and he seemed to think that they were on their way to finally recording the album so let's hope it's out soon. In the meantime we are just left with some very tantalizing samples.

Vulvectomy: This band is very new and released an album right at the end of 2007. Very simple and hard slam that is sure to please if only due to their single-minded devotion to pounding the fuck out of you. Bonus points for teaching me what the word "depilated" means and for inventing the phrase "Slam Till U Cum" which I love.

Putridity: I reviewed their album earlier. Just like Vulvectomy it's very satisfying but Putridity are blastier and rawer. Very satisfying.

Clitoridus Invaginatus: I also reviewed their album. A weird band that combines ridiculous, bouncy slam with occasional rock influences. I personally like the combination. Worth checking out if you want something a little different.

Vomit the Soul: This band is just brutal. Not sure what else to say. Not quite as good as Septycal Gorge or as satisfyingly groovy as Vulvectomy and Putridity, Vomit the Soul really excel at pure brutality. I definitely enjoy listening but it's not especially interesting. I think others might get more out of it than I do though.

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