Friday, November 21, 2008

Corporectomy - Within The Weak And The Wounded (Sevared Records; 2008)

Corporectomy are a new technical brutal death band signed to Sevared Records who have just released this little EP of blasting and slamming madness recently. I dig it, it's a little like Decaying Form with a ton more structure and tighter playing, maybe with the drumming of Defeated Sanity on the first album or something.  The vocals aren't guttural enough and are more of a deep bark, but it's not really a problem, ESPECIALLY when the dual low/screamed vocals erupt viciously and rabidly through the mix.  Every now and then there are some interesting sustained amelodic chords that sort of just hang around and get warped into creepy twisting riffs, sort of constructed in a Californian way (I've seen people say this band is very US sounding, so I'll just agree here).  There are no DISTINCT moments of pure Devourment worship so it's not quite Texas-y, and it's not quite New York enough, nor is it totally Californian sounding, it's not raw enough to be Midwest style USDM so...I'm at a loss to say exactly what this IS, regionally speaking, even though I make the concession that is "United States sounding."  Whatever, I'm just yearning for categorization here.  If you like your slam built on weird frilly riffs with precise yet unfocused song structures and not-quite-burping vocals, be my guest and check this out.  It's not breaking any new ground, but solid it is, and solid is something we like here.

P.S. automatic point deduction for retarded opening sample!  STOP DOING THIS!!

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chris0fer said...

This is a badass ep.