Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jenovavirus - Demo #1 (2008; Self-Released)

Do you like BIZARRE slam? Dripping fan perhaps? Are you interested in finding something atmospheric, creepy, perhaps even a bit psychologically disturbing? You're going to wanna check out this newcomer band from Japan, with probably the coolest name ever. Given that Final Fantasy 7 is probably my favorite game ever (fuck haters), I checked this band out because I heard them being touted as cool slam from Japan and...that's it. So I downloaded it to give them a try.

Well...I am surprised at the quality of this. It's more than a little odd, there are some deathcore-ish breakdowns, odd synth effects that really kind of give it a surreal edge, there are cool tech-death arpeggiated riffs and plenty of sick slams to go around. The entire feel of the non-off-kilter parts is pretty much Disconformity-ish, right down to the incredibly guttural, multi-layered vocal grumblings. The production is pretty damn slick, pinch harmonics cut through like butter, everything is mixed well...I have no complaints...and this is a DEMO! Definitely above and beyond what I expect in a demo these days, especially in slam.

The vocals may be mainly inhaled, but the frog-croaking madness doesn't stop this from being awesome, especially because it adds to the macabre themes and extremely left-field sections. I'm probably going to find myself heavily enjoying this in times to come...download it and give it a listen if you want something bizarre yet still enjoyable and quality. Definitely looking forward to their debut album, which is supposed to have 13 tracks and which they seem to be working on at the moment. It can't come soon enough...recommended.


Anonymous said...

Hello this Izakk (Sowttis), thank you for liking the demo! I URGE you to please take the downloadable link of our demo OFF. We felt it was enough to give listeners two free tracks from the demo strait from our official website! Jenovavirus has been discontinued for a year now. We need other forms either than day jobs to make money! Thats why we are selling them!! Thanks SOWTTIS

Anonymous said...

i found the demo, and it was something that i really liked. if they continued and made the cd, i would definately buy it. this is the music that i have been wanting to listen to.

Anonymous said...

I wish the band would get back to me on whether or not they had any copies of the demo left for purchase, or if they'd consider putting it on bandcamp. They seem to have completely vanished.