Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Flesh Consumed EP out on Sevared now!

Cali-slammers Flesh Consumed have a new EP out with a really fucking cool cover, on everyone's favorite US brutal label, Sevared Records. The new song available on their Myspace is full of semi-melodic riffs and heavy production, focusing on thick kick drum and good use of cymbals. The verses with chunky riffing and blasts outright slay and the slower parts aren't really "slammy" but they are pretty predatory and lethal sounding in their own right. Flesh Consumed may be going more "tech-death" it sounds like, but it still sounds brutal as fuck and I dig the non-generic gore type aesthetic they're going for. Metal needs more machines; it only makes sense...and if you throw gore in the mix, that works too. Buy or die!!


Anonymous said...

Rather another album, but have ordered this :)

malice13231 said...

I enjoyed this EP more than their Full-Length.