Saturday, May 30, 2009

Abacinate - A King's Thirst For The Frosty Brew (Epitomite Productions; 2009)

Thanks to Barrett of Sevared Records for giving us this promo along with many others

A few years ago the big trend in metal was Gothenburg style melodeath mixed with hardcore. Today that trend seems to have shifted slightly to just pure death metal mixed with hardcore. Whatever your opinion on deathcore is, there is a lot of it coming out right now. Abacinate, from the great state of New Jersey, is definitely part of this movement.

A King's Thirst For The Frosty Brew is a promo released by the band for an apparent upcoming full length. The first three songs on this promo are new original songs. The last song is a cover of Sepultura's Nomad. There is also an acoustic part and a pretty bad rap song included in that last song. Abacinate have a couple other releases under their belt including a 2008 full length entitled Ruination.

Abacinate basically play standard brutal death metal mixed with hardcore breakdowns. A few years ago this might've been cool, but now it seems overdone. I don't mind deathcore and I'm a pretty big fan of hardcore in general, but I tend to view deathcore (and most fusion genres for that matter) as a watered down version of two genres that I like. To Abacinate's credit they're good musicians and the riffs they've written are pretty good. The brutal death parts are interesting and the hardcore parts are heavy and moshworthy. They even added a gang shout which I thought was cool.

However, just like I feel about most deathcore, I can't really get into this. Although the various parts of the music are good, I find myself wanting to listen to other bands when listening to this. I'd rather just listen to a brutal death metal band or a hardcore band, not one that only gives me half of each.

If you like deathcore give Abacinate a try. They're definitely good at what they do and have some cool ideas. If you hate the deathcore trend stay away.

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Anonymous said...

what the fuck is up with the rap song at the end? fucking retarded.