Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Album Release Updates

We're entering into the last quarter of 2009 so I thought I'd post a quick overview on what albums have recently come out and what you can expect in the coming weeks and months.

Gorepoflesh - Gore Fucking Corpses [OUT NOW]: Gorepoflesh come from the small Central American nation of Nicaragua and were first brought to my attention a while back when Andy profiled the small but active scene in that country (link). Gore Fucking Corpses is rather boringly titled but the tracks on myspace sound pretty good. This is the debut album for Gorepoflesh.

Official Andy Edit: This is fucking amazing, if you don't like this, kill yourself right now.

Perverse Dependence - Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido [OUT NOW]: Perverse Dependence are another band that I heard about a while back and are now releasing their debut. They're from Russia and have released their CD on Soulflesh Collector Records. They play heavy, death-grindy slam and I hope to buy this album as soon as it gets to North America.

Vomitous - Surgical Abominations of Disfigurement [OCTOBER 09]: Vomitous are a straightforward slam band from Sweden. They released a decent split with Inhuman Dissiliency so I'm hopeful for good things from this mCD. It will be released in October by Sevared Records according to Sevared's website.

Septycal Gorge - Erase the Insignificant [OCTOBER 09]: One of the best Italian BDM bands is releasing their second album this month according to their myspace. Their debut Growing Seeds of Decay is awesome and I expect this album to be great as well. Definitely keep an eye out for this release when it comes out.

Vulvectomy - TBA [Late 09]: The self-professed "Italian Slam Gang" are back and on Sevared Records and will presumably slam us into oblivion with some new ultra-heavy, drum machine backed brutal death metal. They're a little vague on the release date, but it's an album I'm looking forward to.

Vomit the Soul - Apostles of Inexpression [OUT NOW]: Staying in Italy we find that Vomit the Soul, one of the older bands in the scene have released an album on Unique Leader. Vomit the Soul's other album Portraits of Inhuman Abomination was pretty good and other than a weird production (could just be myspace quality issues) I am enjoying their new songs.

Embryonic Depravity - Constrained by the Miscarriage of Conquest [OCTOBER 09]: The best UKDM band around in my opinion, Embryonic Depravity are finally releasing their debut full length on Permeated Records. They have previously shared a split with Gorevent and their new songs sound very good. They have a very good blasting, semi-melodic sound that is always really brutal. Pre-orders are available from Permeated.

I'll end my post here but I'm sure there are other bands releasing stuff around now that I missed. Regardless I hope this helped some people find some good new releases. Stay tuned for reviews of some of these albums and more in the coming weeks.


malice13231 said...

Gorevent - Worship Paganism (October 2009)

Macabre Mementos Records

2nd full-length from the Japanese Slam Masters.


Jasad - Annihilate The Enemy (Re-Mastered) digipack booklet with 3 new songs, gigs video footage as bonus. (October 2009)

Sevared Records

Re-Mastered version of their debut album.

Nick Adams said...

Thanks for the info malice. Both of those albums are certainly worth checking out.