Thursday, October 22, 2009

Perverse Dependence - Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido (Soulflesh Collector Records; 2009)

Russian Brutal death metal has been very fruitful over the past couple years, most notably the legitimate classic In The End of Human Existence by Abominable Putridity. Perverse Dependence, from the far northern city of Archangelsk, are a relative newcomer to the Russian scene but are definitely welcome addition.

Perverse Dependence claim to be "US way brutal death" but I think the bands they sound closer to are the Czech heavy deathgrinders Poppy Seed Grinder and Alienation Mental. Of course every brutal death band can claim influence from the US considering the fact that is where the genre originated. Wherever Perverse Dependence take their influences from, they have created a very good style of their own. Their songs are very short but are packed with furious grinding, catchy midpaced grooves, and every once in a while a super slow part or, as Andy likes to call them, "funeral slams". Every song on Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido is pretty much the same, but the short lengths and general dynamics keeps things quite interesting. I especially liked the vocals which were both guttural and varied.

Enlivening the cold mechanics of the song structures (which you could probably find more interestingly utilized by the previously mentioned Czech bands) is a powerful, intangible energy. It makes the overall experience better. It's hard for me to describe but it sounds like Perverse Dependence really like this kind of music and play it with a lot of passion. Maybe I'm the only who hears it, but as a person who shares this passion it is gratifying to know the bands I like share it too.

Gruesome Forms of Distorted Libido didn't have any particular parts on it that stood out as amazing but as a whole it's passionate and dynamic enough that I still really liked it. I think most brutal death fans would like this album especially if they enjoy some grind with your death metal.

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