Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AP Gets a New Vocalist and a Dripping Reunion?

There's been a few rumors floating around the slam world of late. One of them is that Abominable Putridity, probably the most popular new slam band to come out in the last few years, has replaced their vocalist Vladimir with "Big Chocolate" of Malodorous. When I heard this I was very concerned because in my opinion Vladimir has really good vocals, especially on In the End of Human Existence, Abominable Putridity's debut album. I'm not really familiar with Malodorous and to be honest I've never understood why people get so excited over them. Big Chocolate's vocals aren't that great either. I did some investigation into this and I found no mention of the change on either AP's or Malodorous' myspaces. In fact the only place I have seen mention of this is on Metal Archives and AP's shoutbox on last.fm. It also seems strange that a band in Moscow would choose a vocalist living in the USA. I don't want to definitively say this is false but it doesn't seem likely to me. If anything else develops I'll post about it here.

On a happier note one of my favorite bands, Dripping, has reformed, at least for one show. According to Dripping myspace, they are getting together to play at the New Jersey Deathfest, which is happening in October of this year. The line up looks really good and besides Dripping will include Inhuman Dissiliency, Digested Flesh, and Dysentery among others. Unfortunately I'll be in Toronto in October so I'll miss this but I urge any fans in the New Jersey area to see this. Dripping are one of the most unique and awesome bands ever to play brutal death metal so this is an opportunity you don't want to miss. I just hope this one time reunion leads to something more.

NJ Deathfest myspace: www.myspace.com/njdeathfest


Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure the rumor about AP getting a new vocalist is false; Big Chocolate posted a myspace bulletin laughing at the "rumor."

Anonymous said...

Slam till you cum!

Anonymous said...

I reckon Big Chocolate is a kick ass vocalist.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

this is official , Big C sings for AP ;)

But don't check Malodorous because he's not their singer , check Disfigurin The Godess (not sure it's written like that haha) and you'll know how vocals are ;)

Vladimir was killer but i'm sure if AP members have chosen Big C, there's a good reason. Sure it'll continue to kick ass :)

Anonymous said...

Hi people, big chocolate will sing with abominable putridity in Russia.