Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Human Rejection Song

As already mentioned on the blog (here) Greek slammers Human Rejection are releasing a new album called Decrepit to Insanity in the very near future. To whet your appetite for the new album they have put up a new song on their myspace called "Proceed to Terminal Isolate". In my opinion it sounds really good. Both Andy and I are big fans of their first album and if this song is any indication their new one will rule. The same style of bouncy slam and catchy riffs is here, but it sounds a little more developed and refined. The vocals are still sick but a little more restrained, which should quiet some of the criticism Human Rejection faced over their last album. I was pretty much assured of getting Decrepit to Insanity anyway, but "Proceed to Terminal Isolate" really sealed the deal. Listen for yourself at their myspace:

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Anonymous said...

btw, andy or nick this band called Short Bus Pile up want a zine interview/review about their new ep.