Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wormeaten - Tortured Cadaveric Humanity (Brutalized Records; 2005)

My love for Colombian death metal is deep and unshakable. For whatever reason this one particular country has really tapped into a winning formula for making awesome death metal. Tortured Cadaveric Humanity by Wormeaten is one of the lesser known albums to emerge from the scene, but it is certainly a worthy addition to the country's stellar reputation. Wormeaten are from Bogota and Tortured Cadaveric Humanity is their debut and to date only album.

On this album we have all the hallmarks of Colombian DM. Raw production, loud, pingy snare, and mediocre vocals. I like the raw production on this album especially because it really fits with the music and makes it sound even more primal and disgusting. I'm a fan of the pingy snare personally but it is somewhat of an acquired taste so if it's not your thing it may annoy you. The vocals, as with nearly ever Colombian band, I can forgive becasuse the music is so great.

Now about the music. Wormeaten utilize serpentine melodies contrasted with either groovy slams or furious blasts. It's actually a good mix of things that remains unique and engaging throughout. The melodies keep you entertained and just when you a want some brutality a slam or blast rides in. Bands I'd compare Wormeaten to are Amputated Genitals, Blaze Inside, and Masturbation. All these bands have the same kind of interesting melody/slam and blast contrast. Despite these similarities Wormeaten are certainly their own band and are not obviously copying any of their peers.

As for the general quality of the album I'd put it squarely in the second tier of Colombian DM. Not quite as good as Ancient Necropsy or Goretrade, but still very enjoyable, especially if you're like me and can't get enough from this scene.

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