Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amputated Genitals + Vulvectomy updates

Dan (and the rest of AmpGen) attended Maryland Deathfest this year...Nick and I quickly spoke to him about the upcoming album by the band (and he gave us free AmpGen keychains!) and he informed us that the album should be out in 3 weeks time. So that's a mid-June release, hopefully. He also informed us that, indeed, his label (Gore and Blood Prod.) is putting it out, and Barrett/Sevared will be distributing it in the US. Support Colombian sickness and buy this when it comes out!

As for Vulvectomy, we talked to Barrett about them...he informed us that there are 3 more songs the guys have to record, then they'll be finalizing the whole package. The album should be out later this year, perhaps Fall or early Winter (November?). This is likely to be a mindblowingly great album, as Italo-slam has been upping the ante lately with a lot of great bands...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Sick news. Can't wait for Vulvectomy! Also not forgetting Septycal Gorge coming out this summer to :) awesome for italians this year.

malice13231 said...

the 2 vulvectomy instrumentals I heard on their myspace were amazing!! cant wait!

Andy Phelps said...

Yeah those two unmastered tracks are unbelievable...they even make use of toms in the drum programming unlike on PCF!! Thanks for the comments!!