Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vomepotro - Liturgy of Dissection (Sevared; 2009)

Thanks to Cristiano of the band for sending me a free burn of this to review!

Right off the bat we're hit with a sample claiming "It's beautiful..." and a man presumably seeing the same scene states "Ugliest thing I ever seen." Then you're hit with exactly what he's talking slamming with sick vocals and a slight old-school flair, totally dirty production job (though it has a loud and clear, precise way of working despite being noisy and blasted-out) and killer solo cuts. The vocals are very American sounding, a one-dimensional guttural croak that sounds just evil enough and not distracting; it gets the job done.

The first track, Incorruption, closes out with some frantic riffing which is really a good idea for this band; they tend to combine the pulse-pounding blast-death of countrymen Krisiun (whose riffs tend to be really incomprehensible; the only thing you know is it sounds badass and is shredding your face off, most of the time) with the slamming of a typical Sevared release. I can't see many problems with this concoction; it's not totally original (the crazy soloing is sometimes akin to something Necrotic Disgorgement would do, but then there are some thrashy sections and parts that ND and co. definitely wouldn't do) but I don't believe you have to be in today's metal climate, esp. on a small brutal death metal label. Passion and dedication to your craft tend to be enough, and they does get noticed.

Bands like Vomepotro exude style and flair along with their aura of dedication to bands past and current in the scene, and their sincerity shines through most of the playing time of this release. The third track, Defaced by Pestilence, runs forward with sharp riffing and transforms into a blasting death assault intermingling groovy, Cannibal Corpse-esque sections and BTW-style Devourment frantic slamming/blasting, and it works fine to these ears. The abrupt change in song direction near the end is amusing, also. The first riff in Buried in Collective Grave is really kind of creepy and tomb-like, cool atmosphere, and they continue this feeling with slower slamming and subtle interesting riffing similar to later Inveracity or Deeds of Flesh, which is a nice change of pace. The beginning of Horror Humanufactore is really great; good sweeping with a cool, well-produced sound, and it's not over the top. The song has sort of a Vomit the Soul-esque sound with some dual style vocals and frantic brutality/blasting.

Overall, this is really nothing new; it's a competent release and a good addition to Sevared's catalog, and Vomepotro are a good addition to Barrett's roster. It's not totally memorable or anything, but it is vicious and executed with passion, so I can't fault these Brazilian slammers for their attempt.  Solos in brutal death are rare enough, though, so if you're a fan of those, you'll be a fan of Vomepotro. There are a lot of other reasons to like them too. Check this out if you're a fan of any of the bolded bands, and thanks once again to Cristiano for sending me a copy of this to listen to!

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