Thursday, November 26, 2009

Septycal Gorge and Embryonic Depravity Albums Out Now

As the title suggests the full lengths of Septycal Gorge and Embryonic Depravity have been officially released. I have not checked extensively but I assume it'll be a little while until they make it to North American distros but our European readers should be able to get these albums now. Everything I've heard about these albums has been positive and both of these bands are high quality. I'm sure reviews will be up here as soon as Andy and I can get copies.

If you are in the UK you get the added privilege of seeing both these bands live in December. Embryonic Depravity and Septycal Gorge, along with Vomit the Soul and Amputated, are playing four dates in mid December. So you can get these new albums and then see the bands live.

Embryonic Depravity @ myspace
Septycal Gorge @ myspace


Anonymous said...

You guys should post your picks for top metal of the decade

It would be a grand slam!!!

Anonymous said...

Also check out Dyscaphia playing on December 13th's gig \m/

Desanusor said...

Embryonic Depravity is really awesome ! Not listened to the septycal gorge yet but I have no doubt it will be terrific.