Friday, November 13, 2009

Suppuration and Goretrade News

It's been a pretty slow month for slam as you could probably tell by the relative lack of posts here. Seemingly every release that was supposed to come out last month has been delayed or hasn't reached North American labels yet, making it difficult for us to review them.

A release that is available is the second album by the Colombian band Suppuration. The album is called A River of Corpses and has been released by Mutilated Records. Suppuration's first album bordered on being too raw and amateurish, but had a lot of the weird melodies and evil brutality that Colombian death metal is known for. I'm looking forward to hearing this release. I've already ordered the CD so expect a review soon.

Staying within Colombia Goretrade, one of the oldest and best bands in the scene have announced that their new album Mistaken Conception will come out in the "early months of 2010" this has already been delayed once so let's hope it doesn't get pushed back any further. Goretrade's other two albums are great so I'm sure that Mistaken Conception will be as well.

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