Monday, November 16, 2009

SEVARED signs Cenotaph for 5th full-length!

After a brief stint with Unmatched Brutality, Turkish techdeathgrinders are back with a vengeance, planning to unleash their 5th platter on the mighty Sevared Records! Barrett recently announced on his site that "Sevared Records is very proud to announce the signing of Turkey's most Brutal Death Metal band, Cenotaph!! In early 2010 they will record their highy anticipated 5th Full Length album. Incredible Ultra Guttural Brutality at it's finest!! You are warned!!" The title of the album is set to be Putrescent Infectious Rabidity. Cenotaph's last album was a step up in production for them, but, in the shared opinion of this blog's writers, lacked a little in terms of songwriting from Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium before it. Regardless, we greatly await the new album to see what Batu and co. have been up to other than tireless gigging!

Cenotaph @ Myspace

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