Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ancient Necropsy - Apocalyptic Empire - 2007 - Mutilated Records

What we have here is the latest album by Colombian deathgrind act Ancient Necropsy which consists of only one man, the multi-talented Ivancient a.k.a Ivan Jaramilla, who performs every instrument and does the vocals on this album. Very impressive if you ask me.

If you already like Ancient Necropsy you can stop reading now and go buy the album. It is everything you liked about the band before, but with slightly better production and songwriting. For those who haven't heard the band before continue on.

The riffs here are mainly fast and melodic tremolo riffs. However these are not your sappy Scandinavian melodic riffs, these are more in the epic and obscure variety, somewhat like Deeds of Flesh. These are more interesting and evocative than catchy. You will not confuse these with melodeath riffs in anyway. In my opinion these interesting riffs are what make Ancient Necropsy so good. Besides these riffs you can some typical pinch harmonic and power chord riffs to keep the brutality levels high.

The rest of the instrumentation is pretty good, especially considering that this is all done by one person. The drum sound, with it's loud, pinging snare reminds me of a lot of the other Colombian bands, such as Amputated Genitals or Goretrade. The bass is not a prominent part of this album and the vocals could be a little better, but this is metal, and it's more about the guitar riffs, which as I mentioned earlier are really great.

So if you like Ancient Necropsy, get this, it's everything that made this band great in the past, done slightly better. If you want an interesting and unique album that keeps its heft and brutality, get this as well.

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