Friday, December 14, 2007

Dirt - Promo - 2007

Now, last post we covered the Russian slam scene...but after this happened S-M got a friend request from a band called Dirt from Russia. I took a listen to the first real song on their Myspace and knew I had to review it for them once they asked me to. This is some really professional sounding, tight, and SLUDGY brutal death/goregrind/pornogrind. Sick, sleazy, downtuned slam riffs combined with some odd ambient acoustic(!?!) playing in "200." This only seldom gets above a mid-tempo speed, but it works at the pacing with a kind of Soils Of Fate-on-slow feeling.

Excellent drum programming that makes the band sound kind of like a mid-paced Libido Airbag in "Blackness" pervades all over this disc, with a lot of great catchy beats and fills hitting all the spots you want them to. The vocals are a deep raspy blend of gutturals and Negligent Collateral Collapse-esque pitch shifting with some "ree"s here and there, showing off a nice variety of different vocalizations. In "Fear Abyss" we begin with a nice catchy goregrind riff and go into nicely done blastbeats in a sort of old Lymphatic Phlegm style, so you can tell this will be good for all fans of depraved, perverse, and structurally complex grind.

I can see these guys getting signed with a label such as Bizarre Leprous, and I would totally encourage this as a Dirt tour would totally rule given what I've seen of their live pics. Overall, this is a surprisingly excellent demo in a hybrid style of a lot of brutal types of death metal and related genres. Bits and pieces of this could appeal to goregrinders, black metal kvltists, slammers, and everyone in between. Go forth and mutilate, Dirt!

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