Friday, December 21, 2007

Disconformity - Depravation of Stigma - 2005 -WD Sounds

Here's a nice little piece of the underground I picked up the other day from a local distro along with Pus Vomit and Down From the Wound's demo. This EP from Japan's Disconformity contains two new tracks and 3 demo tracks totalling out to a little over 17 minutes and comes in a little baby digipack.

Disconformity play a very heavy and very groove oriented slam. The grooves are very catchy and it's easy to draw comparisons to countrymen Vomit Remnants. They stray from the VR similarities with the use of some catchy non-slam riffs. These are well done and are nice change from the usual jun-jun formula. Besides that and a few well placed pinch harmonics it's the Devourmentism we all know and love. The songwriting is well done, especially on the two new tracks and utilizes the talent of the band.

One thing that I really love about this EP is the vocals, as per most Japanese bands they are very good. Again, a Vomit Remnants comparison is apt, along with Mike Majewski era Devourment. Very deep and very guttural which is just to my liking. A definite strong point of the band here. They also throw in a nice shouted/screaming part in Penetrated Unseen Supression which works well.

The production was surpisingly good on this EP, considering it's short length and inclusion of demo tracks. Kudos to the band for keeping the bass presence heavy and utilizing panning well. The only thing that concerns me is that this came out in 2005. When are we going to hear an album? Disconformity definitely have the talent, sound and songwriting skills to pull off something really great.

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hi,show your 2007 top10 album of brutal death metal!!