Monday, December 10, 2007

Russian Slam Scene: A Critical Look

Nick and I recently read a headline that said 'Putin slams foreign nations for backing opposition' and we knew we had to do an article about Russian brutality; even their leader endorses it! Going off this, we now present our first in-depth look at the crazy, busy Russian slamming scene. Onwards!

Katalepsy: Now HERE's a fucking worthwhile band. Totally pro sounding heavy as fuck crushing slam death. Technical and musically competent, but not pretentious or wanky...just pure skull-devouring brutality. Some nice songwriting here with a few good covers on the full-length (they made a Mortician song sound GOOD, and a Megadeth song sound better! Hail to these guys...we await your new album when it arrives.

Cephalic Impurity: I'm sure Ivan, one half of this band's skeletal makeup (band members, folks), will be able to provide a postscript addition to this post (since we initially hired him to do so!), but for now we're just gonna sing the praises of this two-man wrecking machine. Their new ditty, "Surgical Defilement" is a really catchy and memorable sounding attack in the vein of Ingurgitate. The sound is straightforward but undeniably concrete and visceral, with a memorable drum programming approach to boot. I'll also give them huge props for having "no bass" on this song when it clearly sounds heavier than a ton of bricks...crazy!!

As for Nick's thoughts on the scene, he decided to talk about a very little known band:

Promiscuity: This band at first sounded like your typical slam band, but as the music progressed so did my enjoyment of it. Beyond the fairly good slam riffs there are some more melodic, but still very death metal, riffs. Maybe similar to (newer) Inveracity, Goretade and Inherit Disease riffs here and there, possibly a little old school as well. Vocals are pretty sick but also too quiet. Same problem for the drums. If this band can get better mixing and refine their songwriting I think they will definitely do well.

And so we arrive at arguably the most "famous" Russian slam band nowadays...

Abominable Putridity: As far as Devourment worship goes, I think those Texans have met their match here. For pure guttural sickness there is no better to rip off than the almighty, and these dudes realize that. Pure heavy slam grooves combined with very tight playing (even on the fucking demo!) and even a tremolo riff here and there (blasphemy!). We are both really, really, really (seriously) psyched about their upcoming full-length on Lacerated Enemy, so when that drops...there will be something new to praise around here. Something heavy, something...something Russian! All hail the new Czars of slam!

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Anonymous said...

The album is out and super sick. If you haven't snagged a copy yet, I suggest doing it ASAP and throwing up a review!

Stay sick guys!