Saturday, April 11, 2009

Abominable Putridity

A little while ago there was a rumor floating around that Abominable Putridity had replaced their vocalist Vladimir with "Big Chocolate" of Malodorous and Disfiguring the Goddess fame. I was skeptical at the time but thanks to some anonymous commenters I have learned that this vocalist switch is in fact a reality. It is up on Abominable Putridity's myspace and the switch has been featured on flyers. Can't say I'm all that pleased as I was a big fan of Vladimir's vocals, but I'll keep an open mind about Big Chocolate's future contributions. Abominable Putridity are near the top of today's slam scene and I hope they continue to remain there.

If you want to see for yourself or just listen to some AP songs (always a wise decision) check out their myspace:

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