Sunday, April 12, 2009

State Collapse - Gothenburg Rape EP (Self Released; 2008)

When most metal fans think of Sweden and Gothenburg in particular they think of melodic death metal. State Collapse, a new band from Gothenburg seem bent on breaking this stereotype. Formed in 2007, the EP Gothenburg Rape is their only release so far.

Upon listening to this EP I was pleasantly surprised. State Collapse are definitely better than your average demo stage band. I guess it keeps with Sweden's tradition of a high concentration of quality in a relatively small brutal death metal scene. I can definitely see State Collapse being mentioned with bands like Degrade and Stabwound if they put out a full length.

The music on this short EP stays pretty well within standard slam territory. If I had to describe the music generally I would call it Inveracity with Soils of Fate and Stabwound groove. There are a lot of good fast, semi-epic melodic riffs with blasting in the background mixed in with catchy and groovy slams. The vocals alternate between high and mid growls and deep gutturals, once again reminding me of both Inveracity and Soils of Fate. The musicianship is tight and the production is adequate, which is nice considering this was self-released. State Collapse also stand out from the pack because of their aesthetic. Instead of gore they have gone for a post-apocalyptic theme. Not the most original but still different from most bands at this level.

Overall I was pleased with State Collapse and I hope they follow up Gothenburg Rape with a full length. If they build off what they've done here I can see it being quite good.

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