Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flaccid Clitoris - Lymphangitic Carcinomatosis demo (2008)

Flaccid Clitoris is a two-man slam band with programmed drums from Italy.  Sound familiar?  It should, to an extent, because Vulvectomy is also from Italy, doing super-primitive slam with no aims other than to be brutal and guttural with one more member and they also program their drums (some of the most satisfying that Nick or I have heard, also). So I came into this expecting pretty much the same riffing/slamming style Vulvectomy plays, with perhaps rawer production as this is a demo.

The first track "Umbilical Rape" immediately starts off with very raw production and very silly sounding drums.  The vocals are also quite weak and seem forced at times, the mixing is obviously very under-par, but it can be semi-forgiven as this is just a two-track demo and they're working on a new one soon.  The song seems to really lack structure as the first breakdown is introduced by an awkward shuffling rhythmic section and the vocals take the forefront almost as awkwardly.  I would highly advise having...better (for lack of a better word, really) drum programming on the next demo.  This really sounds way too fake, and the samples overlap each other with a really hideously digital sound that makes it very obvious they are digital, and not in a good way as some bands can pull off.

The second song starts off much better after an admittedly strangely implemented sample; this track seems much more straightforward with slams ending in pinch harmonics, but it also seems really repetitive up until the blasting section which I can't say this band excels at.  Once again, the cymbal samples overlap and the next one starts before the previous has properly been given room for a very artifical sound, not to mention they're really thin and have nearly no power behind them, which is a shame, because the slams these guys write aren't actually too bad.  In context though, they need a lot of work; the tone could be majorly improved, mixing could be implemented to kill the overtaking sound of the vocals and the drumming is a biiiiig sticking point on this flawed, but fun, demo.  Look forward to the new one!

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