Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SARCOLYTIC full-length + track titles announced; to be out in the Fall!

New SARCOLYTIC material has finally(!) been announced, to be released Q3 2009 on Unique Leader Records.  See below for the update, and add Sarcolytic's new Myspace page (check them out if you haven't heard them, they're an awesome slam/brutal death band from texas fronted by the mighty Zig on vocals/guitar!).

4:06:09 Sarcolytic has finished writing there debut album entitled "Thee Arcane Progeny" to be released on Unique Leader Records this September. The song titles are as followed: Emissary, Expulsion from the Desolate, Shifting Forms, Exalted Gift of the Abzu, Seeds of all Beginnings, Celestial Hymn for Enlil, Thee Arcane Progeny, Manus Obscurus, Resurrected for Bloodshed.

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