Monday, October 22, 2007

Abnormality - Demo 2007 Review

Starting with a totally bizarre intro called "___" we then launch into technical blasting brutal death metal with lots of snake-like riff patterns and nice tight drumming all around. Vocals are done by a girl (who is also really a cool chick, thanks for the kind words/interest Mallika!), but I'm not going to dwell on that; she does both the high-pitched and gutturals, which are both quite nice. They have that obvious feminine intonation, but it's not so bad sometimes and does not detract in any way, shape, or form from the excellent forward-thinking music. Interesting song structures are a big part of this band, and I think they are definitely carving a nice path for themselves in the local (Massachusetts) brutal death scene (they are playing/have played shows with bands such as Mortal Decay, Sexcrement, and Deconformity!).

As for improvements, I could definitely suggest a louder bass presence; the basslines, when audible, are REALLY nice and even progressive (a word I like to see associated with music like this, especially when nicely integrated into the disturbing, technical structuring of the songs themselves). A better/louder production overall would be excellent for this band's full-length...this is material suited to Willowtip as much as it is for Sevared, so I see no problem finding a good label to put out this talented young band's work. I definitely look forward to hearing more by them and listening to/watching their development as they progress...there's that word again!

Speaking of that, a rumor went around at the station I intern at when they were there that they may be writing longer songs; to which I responded with an enthusiastic "DO IT!" Long songs are a weak point of mine, but...don't mind me, and I digress. Check this out if you are into bands like Malignancy, Inherit Disease, Mindly Rotten, and Odious Mortem!

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