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Mutilated Records - New Reviews

Mutilated Recs was nice enough to send both Nick and I a great promo package complete with 3 CDs each and the booklets/traycards for each so we can make our own CD packages with 'em and keep 'em after I definitely owe these guys reviews, as this is some nice stuff!

First on the platter, Colombia's My Plague. After a very good sci-fi oriented intro track (which is, rather humorously, longer than the first actual track), we get immediately bludgeoned by fast and lurching brutal death metal, constantly changing tempos in weird ways, shifting structures and excellent riffs with off-time drumming. The vocals are used mainly as a percussive instrument, almost totally inaudible under the banging of drums and churning of bass and guitars. This is CHAOTIC stuff, very reminiscent of countrymen Internal Suffering (all blastbeats, epic riffage, and odd songwriting styles!). What I really like about this kind of music is that despite the really great riffs and well-timed drumming, we get a sense of improvisation and DIY spirit; this would be just as suitable to see live as a jam or recording session as it would hearing in compressed format on a CD in your computer/stereo. Where this band really succeeds is its ability to grab listeners by the throat and strangle all their life out, then revive them just in time for the next semi-melodic riff, technical song shift, or other interesting, unique deviation from the style. Well fucking done...more Colombian brutal death that owns! Recommended for fans of the aforementioned Internal Suffering, Mindly Rotten, Disgorge (Mex), and Putrefukation. Though undeniably Colombian in style, the band often overlaps with a European and even Cali/US style on some songs. Definitely awesome and a new favorite to spin all the time!

Anal Blast's wonderfully (OK, not really) titled Assault On The Hot Wet Blood Hole is up next...this is really just kind of a compilation of essentially all of their recorded material on one disc. I have never really liked this band at all; they're mostly famous for having Joey Jordison on drums at one time. However, some of this is pretty decent deathgrind...definitely influenced by greats like Repulsion. Pity about the stupid aesthetic (putting their name on various logos, ripping off/paying tribute to Cradle Of Filth), but if you can get by that, it's not too bad. Still, I'm not a really big fan, and this doesn't change that. This is definitely suited towards people who really already like this band and want to get all their stuff on one CD. This is rather comprehensive, but the real problem lies not in the averageness of the music, but in the lack of any real documentation of the band's past; this makes the release seem lazy despite the large (28 tracks) amount of material here. Ah well. I'm sure someone somewhere loves the fuck out of this, but it ain't me.

We've got a really nice looking sampler up next, with artwork from the godly Tony Koehl. 26 tracks by 23 different bands ranging from brutal/slam death to grind and everything in between. Nice! Let's take a look:

1. Septycal Gorge - Well, we already know these guys. They contribute the song "Unidentified Corpse" off their Mutilated Records debut to this comp/sampler. Very awesome interesting stuff that sounds like a combination of newer Devourment, Deeds Of Flesh, and Ancient Necropsy.
2. Crepitation - I don't know anything about this band, but it's fast slam with horrible vocals. Nothing special, but there's room for improvement here. Breakdowns are good.
3. Ladies And Gentlemen - This is grind in the Cripple Bastards crusty raw style from Italy to boot. Not bad, kind of silly (inherent in the name), but overall I'd listen to a couple of 7" splits with 'em, meaning they can't completely offend my ears!
4-5. Yattai - This is grindy slam with moshing breakdown parts and cool vocals, like a slowed-down version of early Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition. Once again, it's not bad, but it just doesn't hit me and make me want to listen. Decent. They have two songs on the comp, and the second ("Stincky [sic] Witches") is the better of the two, starting with a great slow riff and going into furious groovy grind!
6. Morbus - This is some more traditional sounding NYDM with a faster pace than most. Production is kind of similar to Morpheus Descends, but there are some noodly guitar parts also which rule. This is some of the best shit on the comp so far...looking forward to hearing more by them! Definitely need their album. I can't even believe they're Venezuelan!
7. Côte d'Aver - French (who knew) goregrind with a raw production value and decent song structuring. They seem to know how to write catchy chord progressions, but the drummer needs to stop with the constant snare pounding. The breakdown is quite good, but the vocals are very weak (the guy's voice cracks here and there!).
8-9. Gastrick Burst - Didn't think this would be impressive, but lo and is quite good stuff. Drum production is insanely tight, vocals are nice trade-off gutturals and gruffer "hardcore" shouts, and the riffs are chuggy goodness. Also, the second song is called "Yogurt Attack" which is reason enough to listen to this band! Approved.
10. Repulsive Depravity - Colombian sickness...I've heard this before...starts with a crappy sample too. Vocals are screaming, not guttural, which makes it weaker than most. Chaotic production focuses too heavily on such vocals, detracting from what otherwise is pretty OK riffing and drumming. They'll improve, but now, they're 3rd-tier.
11. Typhoid - "All You Need Is Gore"...fucking totally! Blastbeat-laden slam in a pretty Italian style (similar to Putridity and Vomit The Soul on their early stuff)...but they're from Slovakia! TONS of pinch harmonics a-la Malignancy but even more annoyingly prevalent. Still, this is rather impressive stuff and it has a good title to boot! As an extra bonus there are a few bass solo measures, which is always nice; this guy is very talented!
12. Splattered Mermaids - Eh...OK now the world doesn't need more stuff like Artery Eruption with a dumber name and possibly even worse sound quality. Next?
13. Hellusinit - This band is from the US despite their odd name, and the name of the game here is cool modern TXDM sounding slam with a Cali crossover appeal. Straightforward, semi-progressive stuff with nice riffs and an obscure gang-sounding vocal approach.
14-15. Social Shit - Straight attack deathgrind from Argentina. Nothing special but then again it's not bad or even's above average groovy grind with good production.
16. Relentless Attrition - I hate samples...goddamn. Anyway, once this starts, it's...not good really. Very generic slam from New Zealand (kind of a weird place) with a FEW good riffs, but overall too obscure and sheltered to really get the heading they need to become beyond demo/EP level. I've heard worse become rather heralded, though, so maybe...just maybe...
17. Depths Of Chaos - Now here's something that sounds like it'll be good...headbanging death metal...not really slammy or brutal at all, but impressive in style and substance. One of the best bands on the compilation thus far; a welcome addition to any collection of USDM!
18. Deconformity - This band goes for a nice slow paced slam to start off with, really tight mature stuff! Vocals aren't super guttural, but they are typical decent lows with some screams. A Middle Eastern progression carries the main riff. This is really a little more straight DM than brutal, but it's really good. Not to be confused with Japan's Disconformity, either!
19. Sourpuz - Lemme tell you, these guys kick ass...totally make up for their name with their contribution to this comp, titled "Building The Brutality Legion" (awesome title!). There is some amazing leadwork and great bassplaying here, as well as nice vocals and songwriting. One of the best tracks on the whole thing! Definitely need to look further into these guys! Oh, and it figures they're fucking Colombian. KILLER!
20. Cumbeast - The only Finnish band on this entire comp, Cumbeast is a devastating attack of great groovy slam (some of the only good shit from the country besides Torsofuck and Kataplexia!); having familiarized myself with their debut album
Human Piñata, I'm just now realizing they have a NEW one out from '07...gonna have to get that for sure, this is great stuff!
21. Tsubo - Hey, what do you know...another killer Italian band! This is more similar to older Corpsefucking Art, only less...goofy. Really a nice thing, considering older CFA is pretty good stuff. This is also similar to some Hour Of Penance and has some cool rocking riffs and a good solo as well! Recommended stuff.
22. Spatter Snuff - This is typically Colombian too, but, hey...I ain't complaining. Super guttural slam brutality, heavy on the ride cymbal and with sick vocals (echoed high pitched screams!).
23. Perpetual - MORE stuff from Colombia...fuck, what is in the water here that makes such cool bands? This one's got keyboards making it sound more progressive...very nice touch; I'm into that more than Nick is though. On second thought, this isn't brutal or grind at all, definitely symphonic melo-death metal, similar to Compos Mentis and old Omnium Gatherum. Doesn't fit here, in other words. Still...rules.
24. Choked By Own Vomits - Czech goregrind, very similar to Dead Infection, Purulent Spermcanal, and similar lo-fi gore units. Really nice, of course. Silly name, but...ah well. I'll forgive 'em; good shit!
25. Scaffold - Cali sounding death metal from Slovenia, also bearing an extreme similarity to Septycal Gorge (first track on this comp, if you've been paying attention!). Sharp, driving riffs are backed up by slightly loud yet tight drumming with good tone. Verse riffs are nicely crafted and the vocals are on par too; a little forced, but that's not a bad thing sometimes. I haven't heard many Slovenian brutal units, so this is nice to hear.
26. Spiritual Invader - "Controlled By Hatred" is the last track on this rather impressive compilation by Mutilated Records (everyone's favorite Czech label, besides Bizarre Leprous et al!). This is some rawer brutality with a nice solo with a good polyrhythm playing underneath. Cool stuff.

Thank you to MUTILATED RECORDS for sending me all this stuff...I have a lot of work to do now...gotta listen to a bunch of these bands!



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henrik said...

"2. Crepitation - I don't know anything about this band, but it's fast slam with horrible vocals. Nothing special, but there's room for improvement here. Breakdowns are good."

What the crapcaptain

This band kicks fucking ass, Britain's best slam band imo (Ingested's almost as good). And the vocals are fab, bruvva, fab!

- henrikmain