Monday, October 15, 2007

Digested Flesh Appreciation

Emerging from the Guido ridden land of New Jersey in 1999 Digested Flesh were one of the first slam bands I found and still one of the my favorites. In this post I'll discuss in detail this band and why I think they rock harder than most.

First off the essentials. They formed in 1999 as I said, they released one demo in 2003, a full length in 2004 called The Answer to Infection (Macabre Mementos) and a split with Inhuman Dissiliency called Accumulation of Eviscerated Remnants (Macabre Mementos). I have both the split and full length and both are worth getting.

The sound of Digested Flesh is that of slam with special emphasis on the bludgeoning side of things. There are the usual catchy grooves, the really slow parts, the blasts, but occasionally they'll just belt out a pounding riff with no melody, no progressions just WUMPWUMPWUMP on your puny, pathetic personage. This is incredibly satisfying to me and adds to the brutality. This aspect is a little more prevalent on The Answer... but it's still in their newer stuff. Just pure violence

The vocals are also incredibly sick. The gurgles are incredibly sick sounding. Not exactly low or deep like Soils of Fate or Vomit Remnants, just... sick. Closest thing I can think of is Wayne Knupp on the early Devourment stuff. They managed to nauseate a black metal friend of mine but of course I love the vocals.

Digested Flesh also do the little things right. The drumming is tight and the drummer uses many catchy little hi-hat rolls that spice things up. The bass does it's thing well but doesn't get in the way. The songs are also distinguishable from one another which is nice in this genre.

What surprises me is how little this band gets talked about. I feel like worse bands get talked about more and get on bigger labels. Oh well, check out this band if you haven't and if you have then horns up to you!


Devastator666 said...

HEy man i love em!

i have both cds original...and they fucking kick my anus each listening!!! :D


(P.S.:nice blog man...)

JohnnyBoy said...

i am friends with don the guitarist. and yes he is the black and evil a person you hope him to be.