Friday, October 5, 2007

Interview with DOWN FROM THE WOUND (Phillipines)

What's going on in the Philippines these days? Do you guys have any idea what accounts for the crazy number of good slam death bands from there?
-Everything is well here, I don’t have any idea how many slam bands accounts in here, I think I‘ll have to do a head count first hahaha.

How do you write the music and the slam breakdowns in your songs?
-Jeff does the guitar riff first and we arranged them until we create a song ranging to 3 – 4 minutes or more playing time, then the lyrics/gutturals will be executed after the music has been perfectly mastered.

Name 5 of your favorite albums and tell us why you think they're relevant to your influence:

-Disgorge (USA) – Consume the forsaken and Parallels of infinite torture
Devourment – 138
Cinerary – Rituals of desecration
Disavowed – Perceptive deception
Suffocation – Effigy of the forgotten

We are all heavily influenced by these bands in writing materials for the Agony through rituals of self purification CD and we look them as our main influences as well.

If you had to pick one: groove or blast, which would you choose and why?
-Both, if you combine them both, you will surely get a devastating brutal death metal, groove is like the sauce poured over the top of a pasta, Bon App├ętit Hahaha!!!

You guys sure know what you're doing, how did you get in contact with Sevared for the new album?
-We got in touch to Sevared Records through I contacted Barrett told him that I’m going to send him our promo cd. After some series of exchanging messages, we made a deal and have agreed to that, and then he signed us immediately to his label.

At S-M Blog, we are looking to let anyone and everyone know about the multitudes of global slam scenes all over Europe, the Americas, and Asia. What do you guys think of foreign slam bands, and is there a unifying style to each different location?
-I don’t think there is a unifying style to each different location, if you’ll look at to their influences, you’ll see Devourment, Disgorge and Suffocation on their primary list. Almost every slam bands now are being influenced by the mighty Devourment. But in my opinion, every band has its own style and uniqueness that made them apart amongst other death metal bands.

What are DFTW's upcoming plans now that your amazing debut is out? What's in the works next? Will you stay with Sevared?
-We plan to bring out more albums, more sickness and more brutality in the future, play all shows/fest as much we can. If Sevared will still be interested in releasing our next stuffs, much better, but if not, we’ll look for another label to work with.

What are some other labels you'd like to work with?
-Unique Leader, Unmatched Brutality, Brutal Bands and Lacerated Enemy Records.

Do you guys have any affiliation with the "Davao Brutal Troops"?
-We and the other Davao bands had been friends and in touch for quite long time now. The scene in that area is going bigger and better and it seems that the kids there are getting hooked up into death metal. We are looking forward to play in there place spread sickness and bring brutality through our music…

I know this is a longshot, but any chance of you guys coming to America for a fest in '08/'09 or something?
-We still don’t know yet but we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that we could tour and play in the USA or Europe someday. If there’s an offer, we’ll grab it as long as the conditions are good…

This is the time to think outside the questions and to ask us a question or two! Go for it!
-How you guys got into metal? And what made you sending us an interview?

(our answers: I got into metal in 2003, started with melodic stuff like Soilwork and In Flames. Soon after, I got into bands like Disgorge which appealed to me on a different level. I met Nick at a Suffocation show in November 2006 and we had talked a lot on a forum (UltimateMetal) before that. We quickly discovered that we both shared a passion for brutal and slam death metal, and we both understand it on the deeper level it often appeals to. We started SLAM-MINDED BLOG in September 2007 to help promote brutal death metal bands worldwide! We wanted to interview DFTW because of a friend who mentioned the band to me saying I would definitely love them. After listening to the Myspace tracks of DFTW, I was hooked...I knew Nick and I needed to get in contact ASAP!

I got into metal in 2005 through Slayer and Hypocrisy. I very quickly worked my way to Suffocation and from that point on I knew Brutal Death was for me. Met Andy on forums and at a concert, and we talk regularly on AIM and this idea came to us. I found Down From the Wound when on a random jaunt through myspace. I had already found Human Mastication and Pus Vomit from the Philippines, so I was game to try another band. I think DFTW are better than the average myspace slam, and through this blog wanted to promote them, because bands not from Texas or California can often get overlooked. This is the kind of music that gets my blood pumping and my guts all warm and fuzzy, so I want to do everything I can to help

-thanks for the interest interviewing us, Horns up!!!

Interview answered by Randyl

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After the album drops and both Nick and I listen to it, we'll both post our thoughts on the album in this entry in the form of a review. Thanks To Randyl for the correspondence and to Down From The Wound for being yet another excellent Filipino band worthy of praise!

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